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There are two kinds of signups "Community sign up" and "Counseling sign up". If you do a "Counseling sign up" your name, email address and phone number will be given to a company advertising on the DebtCC website. The company is going to call you on the phone and send you email, explaining you the services they provide and hoping that you use their services. You are under no obligation to use their services. InterNext Technologies INC gets paid a advertising fee for companies to advertise on the site and does not get paid per referral. In forums or comments do not use abusive language. Respect and appreciate other community members. Please try to use your own words while posting in the forums. Please try to avoid posting extract from any press release, email, newsletter, web page in the forum (since it might be copyright material). Instead you can give an external link (in deactivated form) to a related page or express it in the forums in your own words. Any such copy-pasted materials found in the forums are liable to be deleted or replaced with a related link (in deactivated form). Please try to avoid posting of the same content repetitively in the forums. Instead try to give link to the original post or use your own words. Any repetitive or duplicate post in the forum is liable to be deleted or replaced with a related link of the forum. Clickable or non clickable links: Links to government, law and other informative and relevant sites can be kept clickable. Links to all other sites should be kept non clickable. To avoid the possibility of arguments on the issue of relevance of a link it is left to the sole judgment of the site admins.